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Embossed candle


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So I had a card making workshop friday night and the demonstrator showed me this.

A piece of tissue paper stamped with a design in ink and layed on a candle and heat gunned until the tissue disappeared and the image stayed. I think it looks cool and could work for Hurricanes? I would not do this with regular candles because of the safety issues, but it does look neat.

The tissue disappears when you add the heat, I obviously didnt do a great job on this one, it was just a test...but i think it has possiblities?

Please ignore the ugly candle, experiment that didnt work.


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Here is a technique I found, it's not with tissue but would still work, aslo I think using the back of a metal spoon would help hold the tissue in place while using the heat gun. You could also rub with the back of the spoon to get out any wrinkles or air bubbles and help the tissue stick better.


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