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Ita was a perfect day. Cool. No rain. It was kind of breezy, but they had been calling for rain all week and it didn't!

Ok, I know candles don't generally do well at spring shows, but the booth was free as this was a first year show. I did the 2-day fall show last year and will again this year. So for a free spring show, I did OK. $100 in sales. It's tough to add up big bucks when all you sell is melties and votives. I sold 2 jars, no tins, no pillars - everything was votives and melties.

Pics are front view, side view, my son and fabulous helper, me and my rose candle that I was sure someone would buy for their mother...oh, well.





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Thanks everyone! And since I wasn't expecting much, I am certainly happy to have made $100.

Callie, I actually got the 2-tiered rack at Nu-Era and ordered an extra hub from Gershel Bros. It looked too empty with only 2 tiers. Well, by the end of day yesterday, it looked empty with 3 tiers!

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