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4630/8oz. Square Mason/Wick It Premier Wicks

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I'm just starting to test these wicks in a few scents and I was wondering for the people that used the wick-it wicks what your experience has been with this wax/jar combo if you've tried it.

I had almost great luck with the 51z's in this jar but I was getting hangup that wouldn't clean up without a power burn for most of the scents I tested. I really want a clean jar with no hangup and I'm hoping I can get that with the wick it wicks.

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I just got some of this wax to test and was told that the HTP wicks work well. The chandler I got the wax from uses different jars. I will be testing in the 8oz square mason. I have tried a 4627/soy combo in these jars and got lucky with wicking. Very easy combo to wick, no smoke and great throw on most scents I've tried.


I haven't tried the wick-it wicks yet.

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I have. I really wanted these wicks to work. Don't like the smoke with the zinc. But, the problem I have is either no scent until the candle is about half empty or the top is covered with soot. If you should figure something out please, please let me know.

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