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Salt Crystals


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For the really big salt crystals go to costco, home depot or lowes and buy the big 40lb bag of Morton solar salt in the blue bag for about $3. Do not buy the yellow bag, it is salt pellets. I use these to put in tub tea bags and also mix fo and mica and use for air freshener. The grains are maybe 3/8th inch across. I'd hate to sit on them in the tub.

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I would luv to try Morton solar salts, but how would I make them smaller? I've actually never seen them so I'm not sure... would a hammer be the best way or would they work in a grinder of some type?


I just got a bag and was terrified they were going to be huge, they aren't they are actually only a tad larger than the ones I buy from Soap Wizards. I am going to actually test them out this week on dissolve time etc. I used to get salts bigger than these that my customers love bcz they lasted longer in the tub.

I really don't think you would need to bust them up unless you make your salts more like a powder



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