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I can only offer a suggestion on one of them. Stay away from CSC. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Her FOs are inferior and when you question her about them, she is ignorant. If you want to make a quality candle, use quality ingredients. Hope it helps!

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I recently bought from CSC because they were having a big sale, so I thought that I would pick up a couple more scents to sell as candles. I got them and made them but all three scents were not very strong at all. I even used two oz. of scent per pound and could barely smell anything except for plain wax. Although I do pay wax from them because they have good wax at cheap prices.

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Just like that - they closed their doors and did not let anyone know.?????

That is very irresponsible.

They could have left their website up to let their customers know what was going on. To me, that really shows poor customer service.

I was checking into getting wax from them. Ruth told me how the were going to get a new facility and a new website.,,ect ect ect. (Never mentioned about closing shop)

Then I could not get on their webpage and their phone number was disconnted.

They will not be getting any business from me in the future.

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I've ordered from BearLabs (incenseoils.com) occasionally. Pretty good quality oils- and the guy that owns it (his name is Steve maybe? I don't remember) has great customer service. I originally emailed him from his site with a question and he called me with the answer within an hour. :shocked2:

I did have issues with some of his oils not ever absorbing into aroma beads, but no issues with wax or B&B products.

Other thing is that they are mostly closeout oils- once he runs out of one, it's gone for good, so I use his FOs for seasonal and "special edition" scents. The prices are great for that!!

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I had a couple of fragrances from Candle Supply Central that I really liked. The Fresh Linen and Cucumber Melon. I'm looking for a new fragrance supplier, especially for these two fragrances. Just wondering who everyone uses and who offers the best fragrance for the best prices.

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