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Farmhouse Oil Reviews

Sharon in PA

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Good Morning everyone:cheesy2:

I really have great luck w/ this suppliers oils, and always love trying new ones from Sherri!

We tried a few of her new scents. One was her Moonlight Path, she says it is a dead on BBW dupe, and she is absolutley right! Terrific throw in our 50/50, CD wicks, and another bonus for us with this particular Moonlight Path was that we really didn't need to wick up as much as we have had to w/ another suppliers version. I tested a CD 10, and will test a CD 12, it has a bit more hang up afer 2 long burns than I'd like, but the throw is killer!

These others we poured into tarts, but I e-mailed Sheerri about their throw in candles, she is always very honest, too, which is nice.

Cool Citrus Basil- Another Dead-on BBW dupe- AWESOME clean, crisp scent! Getting a lb. of this one this week-I don't ususlly buy lbs. w/ out testing in jars, but Sherri said this is a great thrower (BTW, she aslo sells her own poured candles w/ her oils, so she has a good working knowledge of these oils...)

Banana Pear- Delicious! Sweet banana, with just the right amnt. of juicy pear, definately would like to try this one in our container wax! Threw in our tarts for days!!

Ginger Peach (pier 1 dupe)- OMG, what an awesome, sweet, juicy, true peach scent! The ginger adds to but doesn't overpower the peach, which I personally prefer, the scent lasted forever in our tarts...a must try for sure! (for those who like a lilttle more ginger she has a Ginger Peach Tea, I believe it's called, she said it throws great, and is a nice mix w/ more predominant ginger, but still a true peach...)

Cantaloupe Lily- A very nice, clean, green floral, I'm not detecting too much of the cantaloupe, but it's a great green, crisp floral. I am not a floral fan, this one is quite nice, though... I am re-naming the tarts Summer Lily...

Her oils really love our wax, so, I am not afraid of buying an oil in a bigger quantity once I've tested the scent in a tart...her sales rock too! A very good, customer oriented supplier...! :highfive:

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