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Need help with 2nd website name


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I have a website that I sell my candles - bath n body - embeds - etc.

I am in the process of building another website just selling specialty tarts - I am going to put the embds - strawberries - flowers - cinna buns - etc - as tarts,

But the 2 names that I wanted are already taken



I am stuck on those 2 names and can not for the life of me think of anything else that I like.

If any of you creative people could maybe throw some names out - I would so appreciate it.


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I made my kids and hubby help me with a name :highfive: we came up with


That name is quite good, but unfortunately, I think if you use the word "tart" Yankee would send you a cease and desist letter!

Waxmeltworld.com I checked and it is available. Type it in at this site http://www.icdsoft.com/result.php and you will see.


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