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Finally getting somewhere....I'm so excited!!

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As I've said before, I have a lil' experience with straight paraffin making only votives, pillars and tarts! That's it, just a few months, but now that I have gotten the results I want with those, I decided that's not enough. On to containers!! Woohoo!

So, I've gathered lots of goodies, and requested some samples, etc and I've finally made my first few "quality" candles. I've played around with cheapo supplies (craft store) just to get comfortable with the process, but haven't had much luck. Bad ingredients=bad product I know, I just wanted to "play".

This is what I've poured so far:

9oz balmoral, cbl 125, Peak's Mango Papaya, colored melon(only approp. color I had) and a LX22. So far so good, great one pour, smooth and creamy, no wetspots(so far), pretty good cold throw. It's got a great hot throw, even and full melt pool, jar is not too hot. It's on it's first burn, so we'll see.

I also poured a couple of flower pot votives using the same wax, FO, and my 44-20-18 zincs that I use for my votives, once again just b/c it was the smallest I had. These have great throws, and are burning beautifully. I wasn't sure the wick would work, but so far it is. Great melt pool, no hang up, good clean burn so far.

I will post some pics as soon as I can, I want to see what you guys think, but my husband left the camera at work..Oops! When I finally have something I'm proud of!

I'm so excited!! My GL 70/30 came today and I'm dying to work with it, but will have to wait til Sunday! :cry2: Good things come to those who wait, but I want it NOW!! Ok, spending all day every day with my 17 month old and her friends is rubbing of on me :rolleyes2

Just wanted to share my excitement! And thank everyone for the help thus far!

Have a great weekend!


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