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How to Trademark Business Name


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For Canadians who may know..........

How or where to trademark my soap business. So I have the rights to that name, and nobody else could use it in Canada.

I had someone email me today about some lotion that was purchased in the states with the same company name! OH NO !!

What is the cost and procedure for this???

Thanks :highfive:

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Well to do so your looking at spending BIG BUCKS. I'm not exactly sure but I think you have to Corp your business...turn into a Corporation and if there's someone in the U.S. with rights to the name, you might not be able to trademark....doesn't matter if it's in a different country.

Your best to contact someone from the government.

Here's the website http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/corporations

Check it out or give them a call for more info.

Hope this helps out a bit,


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