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centering too for wics

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where can I get them. The chopsticks gotta go they arent working. Im ready to invest in one of these contraptions. Im tired of my melt pool being off center! :mad: How canyou test a candle with an un centered wick??

Does these wick centering things fit all size jars?

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Thanks islandgirl for the compliments I know you are pouring a ton of candles for your fundraiser.

idacandlelady I think bella soy is talking about the Wick Centering Tools for the containers. You got the EZ Wick Setter from BCN they dont have the WCT for containers yet. Im glad you like the setters.

bella soy what size containers are you using. If you go to the site it shows a lot of the containers that the tool fits. www.ezwicksys.com

Thanks everybody Im glad you like the tools Rob in tx

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Thanks islandgirl for the compliments. I know you're busy making tons of candles for your fundraiser. Hope the tools helped you out! :highfive:

I know these are new products and it seems that the names of the tools get confusing to some people.

So I am going to post some pictures to help describe which tools are which. In the first picture is the EZ Wick Setter for placing the wick in the bottom of the containers. The middle tool is the Single EZ Wick Setter. The tool on the right is the Multi EZ Wick Setter set up for double wicking. The tool on the left is the Multi EZ Wick Setter set up for triple wicking. The Single EZ Wick Setter fits smaller containers for single wicking. The Multi fits a little bit larger containers for double and triple wicking containers. The EZ Wick Setter and the Wick Centering Tools for containers combined, equals the

EZ Wick System. :yay:


The second picture is the Wick Centering Tool for Containers. This picture is the small WCT that fits the 8oz Jelly Jar and also fits other continers.


The third picture is the small WCT sitting on the 8oz Jelly Jars it shows a couple hundred or more containers. It also shows that you can place the containers close together and the tools will not move on you while the candle cures. :thumbsup:


These are pictures taken from my partner Don and his wife Sara's latest fundraiser they did. This is only a small amount of what they actually had to pour. He is not only a Co-Owner of the company but also a client. ;) LOL

HTH clarify the different tools.

Thanks Rob and Don

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