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Software for fundraising


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Uhm, I have to tell you that I only read a link to it, then I gave a fast look, so I just post it to let you see it and judge, sorry if it's not useful!

Did you see the price on that software? holy crap!

I checked it out a little more closely..it is geared more for people not selling but soliciting for money.

ETA: pheeeewwwwww what a price!!!! This software is developed with the same tool I use to develop, guess I have to change the prices of what I sell!!!

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Hey Sabrina-

I personally bought this ebook from bittercreek.net;and it has some very helpful ideas about not only starting a fundraiser. But also about running a smooth candle business. The price is only 29 bucks, and so far it's been worth every penny to me, JMO.


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