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Western Style Candles

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I am new to this website and am very happy I found you all.:yay: I can't believe the great ideas you all have. My question is I am making western shaped candles, like a horse, Indian head, cowboy boot and am wondering if anyone else sells them? Do they sell? I am asking this question because I can't find anything like them in the stores or online...

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I knew a lady that used to sell her candles in glass boot containers. She discontnued them so my guess would be that they didn't sell well. :undecided But that doesn't mean that they won't sell well for you. Buy a few of the containers and see what the response is to them before you invest a ton of money into buying alot of those containers.

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The ones I think you are talking about are like a figurine, if I'm correct. To me there to time consuming and people wont burn them, just use them for decoration. Those types, not the style your wanting to make, are sold at dollar stores and are usually a unscented white core with a painted outside and dipped with a high gloss coating.

IMO - I only like to make decorative candles that are scented and can be burned, like my decorative everlasting pillars or everlasting decorative gel candles. That way the customer gets a good smelling decorative candle they can burn and can come back to me for more votive replacements. I also use mugs that have thems. These types sell better for me because they get more of a slection and they have a great burnable candle in them.

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