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Wow Julia, those are absolutely beautiful! Love the swirl on the green and white and really love the rebatch confetti soap. That is exactly what I really wanted to do when I made my Mardi Gras, but didn't have all of the colors. I will be trying that sometime this year though. You must be feeling better? You have been busy. :D

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Thanks everyone. Let's see if I can answer all of the questions.

The Green is chromium green oxide. I did use TD in the other half so that it wouldn't go so dark due to the Drakkar. This was done in an upright mold.

I snagged a professional salad shooter off of eBay, less than $20 including shipping and it was NEW in the box! It worked great. I had made the colored soaps months ago to do a confetti soap and the day I got the salad shooter in the mail I shredded them. Worked great. I've got one of those hand meat grinders, this works so much better. Oh and the scent in the Mardi Gras is actually Ginger Lime, my husband just said I should call it Mardi Gras.

I made a couple others that day, but they really aren't picture worthy:rolleyes2

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