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Rustic opinion?

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Hi i've got someone interested in a bulk order for a wedding

She wants chocolate scented pillar candles- she didnt say what type of fnish she wanted, i havent got any photos as i havent made pillars for a while so i was going to send her some descriptions of the different finishes she could have, e.g chunk, plain, rustic etc.

But then i though how do i describe a rustic pillar to some one who hasnt got a clue about candles, all the terms i was going to use were candlers terms? Any ideas?

Also do you think that for a wedding (she wants them for her wedding breakfast as table centre pieces), that hersheys chocolate fragrance :drool: would be the best one to use?

Thank very much

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On any weddings, showers, etc. I always give the person a sample of whatever candle they are requesting, in the scent they want, so they know exactly what they are getting and how they will burn. Pictures just don't cut it IMHO. :cool2:

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I would urge her towards unscented so as not to compete with the food or overwhelm a sensitive guest.

I second that. I always warn brides about scent with food. Also, so many guests wear fragrance. All that smell can get overwhelming. JMO.



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