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New here and QUESTIONS !!!

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Hi yall ! Im new here and new with candle fun. I got my first soy and goodies from Candle Science then found that Enchanted Lites was way cheaper so got the next batch of goodies from them ..Im playing with 4 oz tins only at this time. Very much trial and ERROR !..Ive gotten 3 types of wicks and none seem to work, or Im doing something terribly wrong !..Ive got Ecoasoya CB with HTP 41 from Candle Science...the wicks had hardly any flame. ..Next I got 2 types of sample wax from Enchanted Lites and 2 types of wicks: Millennium container soy and just soy wax..the wicks are 44-28-18P and HTP 73. ..They drown....The first batch I did ( 3 at a time) they were really smooth and pretty and no flame so to speak..that was the Candle Science stuff. The Millennium wax had all sorts of weird looking bubbly looking texture.But when I put them on the candle warmer, theyll smooth right out and when they cool from the warmer, they look pretty good. ..They smell pretty good from the warmer. I just figured they would be stronger. ..And Ive played with the scents. Now mind you I can only get a good smell from the warmer because of wick problems.. The best smell Ive gotten in Chai Latte ( YUMMMMMMY) from Enchanted Lites..I got Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon Buns from Candle Science and the Chai Latte, Fresh Mowed Grass, Chocolate, Orange Spice, Fruit Smoothie , and French Vanilla......are these trouble maker scents ? I mean are they hard to work with ? ............what do yall think Im doing wrong here ?....Enchanted Lites said they would send me sample wicks for free because the lady helped me over the phone choose the wicks and I assume she was wrong.....I thought that was great customer service to do this for me ..!..Dont know what they sent..should be here tomorrow.

Sorry this is SO long ! I hope yall have some suggestions !! And really a great board here !......

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Welcome to the Soy Revolution Deana! I know how you feel, I was so excited to get going I made alot of rookie errors too. First I'll address your wick issues. The diameter of your container determines what ply (size) wick you need. The wider the container the higher ply your wick needs to be so your candles have an even melt pool (the whole top needs to melt or else it'll tunnel-the ply was too low). I have only used wicks from my wax company CandleWealth because they are all natural, pre tabbed and easy sized (size 1 for up to 11/2 in 2 for 11/2 - 21/2 and so forth)plus I've never had any trouble. The only thing I can think of for the wicks drowning is that either you haven't let the candles harden completely (at least 8 hours) or the wicks are poor quality or too small. Second soy wax usually has a very strong scent throw but some fragrence oils (FO) are poor quality. You seem to have alot of sweet scents and those in my experience are the strongest. One other thing is you could be adding the FOs at too high a temp which can destroy fragrances, I reccommend not adding FOs until right before you pour and adding the max amount (follow your wax instructions on that temp and amount) What is the look, texture and smell of the FOs? Do they smell strong in the bottle, look dark and thick? If so then your problem could be your wax, some 100% soy blends do not have a powerful throw. I'd keep trying waxes until you find one you liked, there are blends with other vegtable oils added to improve throw that are still all natural (I love NVSoy from CandleWealth). Those bubbles were just air bubbles which can be dealt with by a top pour or my fave blow drying the top for a minute. Hope I helped. Have fun:)

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Im new here....

............what do yall think Im doing wrong here

You're not doing anything wrong, you're new, and you're testing.. and testing is good. Although those first wicks didn't work for you, now you know how too small of a wick burns. If you are testing each of those candles (same size container) with different scents (and probably dyes), and different waxes, you will most likely get different results from each of them.

When trying to get advice here, it helps to have what components you used to make the candle, as well as how you made the candle (temps, etc.).

Welcome to CT! Good luck!

Here's a serving of links...



noob tips


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I agree that the wicks are too small. I highly recommend a sample pack of wicks, that way you can try out different sizes to see what it going to work for you. That alone should help with the scent throw. I think it is fine to add your FO to your wax at about 160-165. One other thing, a heatgun or embosssing tool are great for helping smooth out rough tops after setup.

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I mosy-ied on reading the board and saw that yall wrote !..

Heres some of the answers to stuff yall asked..First this is my husbands little measurements figuring...and scent flavor playing : on all of the they are 7 7/8 wax then like 3/8 one flavor with 1/4 something else..........or 3/8 and 1/8 ...or just whatever. but the wax always is the same......and the tins are the standard lidded tins........

On the adding fragrance...I read several places that 180 was a great temp to add. And here is 165 or so......he was pretty much adding at 170 or so.......also he was ad libbing off the sheet that came with the supplies from Enchanted Lites....

I was reading a little debate over whether the lid is better on after the candle is poured. What was the popular vote on that ?

Is there a list anywhere that shows what fragrances are best to work with ...Like I read somewhere sometime that cinnamon is harder to get a throw from or something like that...maybe Im hallucinating ..??!!...maybe its late and I should be in bed ??!!...heheh

Thank you for all you alls help !

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...(Okie word , GO SOONERS)...
Hmmm.... live in OK? Just don't get me started on an OU rant! ;)
...measurements figuring... ....or 3/8 and 1/8...
A scale would would be quite beneficial here. Although I don't endorse/encourage WMart, one can be picked up cheaply there (kitchen utensil section). Measurement consistentcy is easier that way.
...list... ...what fragrances are best to work with...
Well... there is a sticky at the top of this veg. section. Just keep in mind that there are a number of waxes, individual techniques, additives, etc. involved. Although we both live in similar weather (I think), and use EL,... Individual results can differ. For example, I use a candlemaking mantra to encourage good results. :cool2:
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Here are the tricks I use.

Heat to 185 add dye and FO. I only use 1 oz pp. Then wait until the wax gets really slushy before pouring.

Then let it sit over night to test the wick and 2 weeks to test the scent throw.

Soy wax requires a longer curing time.

As for wicks, I can't help there because I use Eco's

Good luck!

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I appreciate the replies again !!..

and Hope, I do have digital scales......

Ill be looking for the slush the next time, hopefully tinite !...Candle Makin Mom..dumb question here and probably self explanitory and Im meissing it, but what do you mean by, "Then let it sit over night to test the wick "..how do you test it ?..Im not being a wise acre !!...KayBee ...what an embossing tool ? And I tried looking at walmart site to price a heatgun, because I see so many of yall use them but their site is a little funk and when I typed in heatgun or heat gun it took me to CDs...do you know a price range on those ?....Crystal , whats your web address ??...and Vicki...Im calling Bruce here in a minute to request the sizes ...

Again thanx so much

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Heatguns are about $20 at Wal-Mart or Lowe's, etc.

To test the wick, that means you are testing to see if that is the correct size wick to use. Is the wick too small, too large or just right? You should let your candles cool completely before testing for wick size, so leaving them overnight is best.

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