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Whipped Body Butter


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Ok, it looks horrible in the picture. I don't think I whipped it enough. It has some clumps. Thanks to Michi and Grumpy for helping me with this. Also Kimberly's recipe helped as well

This is scented Strawberries N Cream. I still smell too much cocoa butter.

What do you think I could do with the the recipe?

I did

6 oz of Shea

6 oz of Cocoa Butter

4 oz of Jojobo Oil

1 tsp of Cornstarch

.10 oz of FO

dye for color

It is too much cocoa smell. I must have gotten the unrefined?? LOL

This is all I have to work with so I think I just have to do more shea, less cocoa butter?

Any suggestions?




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Body butters are not an exact science. You can take this batch and add a little more melted shea to it. I would start with 2 oz and go from there. When I make butters I use 0.6 oz of 9 different butters, vit E, beeswax, aloe extract, germaben !!e (just in case), dry flo, and fragrance. I always start with that and tweak as I go. Notes are EXTREMELY important. I would definitely add more butter instead of oil though. Cuts down on greasiness. I like to whip in the kitchen aid for about 30 minutes and then freezer if for about 10 and so on and so forth until it is SUPER HUGE. This batch can be fixed. Good luck. :highfive:

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Thanks. I have a hand mixer so it gets tiring after a while. I will definetly add more shea next time and less of the cocoa butter. I think that may do it. I had .05 oz of fo at first but thought with another.05 it would take away the cocoa smell but it didnt work. I learned that. I am taking major notes on all this . I don't think I did too bad for my first time

Thanks for the input


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I would try lowering the amount of cocoa butter as it is going to make the body butter really hard. I love cocoa butter, but no matter what I try, in large amounts the product gets really stiff. You might try adding some mango butter of more soft oils to make it not so hard and stiff.

Right now your formula looks something like this:

37% shea butter

37% cocoa butter

24% jojoba oil

1% corn starch

1% fo

You might try:

50% shea butter

15% mango butter

10% cocoa butter

23% jojoba

1% cornstarch

1% fo

I bet it smells delish! I love the description of chocolate dipped strawberries.

Ann M

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