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Here are some changes I would make:

Under "Scent Descriptions, change from "descriptions of each scent is coming soon" to-- descriptions of each scent are coming soon.

Under "Specials", I would change "Soy Grunggy Pillar" to--Soy Grungy Pillar, or even Grungy Soy Pillar.

Under "Soy Melting Tarts," that business about the throw to--Use with an electric warmer to enjoy a wonderful scent without the flame.

Under your jar candles you referenced something about a blast of fragrance. I don't think it's a good idea to mention the word "blast" in association with your candles. Maybe you could try something more like--With every flicker of the flame your senses with thank you as the fragrant aroma of your candle gently fills the air.

Also, the photos of your jar candles are not doing them justice. If I were you, I would work on the photos to remove some of the glare from the flame. The photos of the pillars look pretty good though.

One last thing...on your forum site you have "opinion" spelled wrong.

These are just a few minor changes. You'll soon have your site looking perfect.

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Thank you i made the changes sorry it took long i was at the hospital with my niece she got two staples in her head. Boy do i feel bad she is here visiting and she gets hurt she was swinging on the hammock and she ran and jumped to swing (don't ask why ) and the post busted and split her head open not that bad just 2 staples but she is 10 so it was the worst thing in the world my poor baby.

Who here hate when you go to the hospital and wait hours threw the whole visit but they where so nice u couldn't be mad (well some people got pissed off) but they work hard and are very very nice.

but she is OK home and sleeping. she already showed off here staples LOL

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