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Your website business, Do you get a lot of orders


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Those who have a website have you found it to be a great help in

building your business up?

Since it is a live site, how do the orders get complied each day?

Do you get a notice each time a order is placed?

Of course I know nothing about this LOL

So give me all the details you want LOL



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My website isn't my marketing focus, but yes, it does quite well, a lot better than I expected when I put it up. I wanted it mostly as a catalog for my locals.

Each time an order is placed an email is sent to me with all the information (except cc info of course). I can also log on to my adminstration section and see the order in more detail, and enter its status.

When I used the free Mal's cart http://mals-e.com/ , I was also notified by email. Then I could log on to Mal's and pick up the rest of the order information I needed.

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Yes, it's been great for me. Like Robin, I get an e-mail notification as soon as an order is placed.

First, the customer is sent an order confirmation. The customer's order is printed out. The orders are pulled into a box (we take the products they want off the shelves). One at a time, the order ticket and the customer's products are taken to the shipping table, where they are packaged for shipping. Box is weighed and marked w/ name.

Then we print out shipping labels online, and either the boxes are picked up for shipment, or I deliver them for shipping (whichever is faster) every day except Sunday. That's my day off. Oh, come to think of it, I think the shippers take that day off, too. LOL

I try hard to get my customer's orders shipped the next business day, so I try hard to keep stock poured up and soap made, etc. so I can be fast.


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Our site is not doing too bad. I use the site more for a catalogue though. i do get about 1 order a week from it on average. But I have a store, and find that people make a little list and come in to the shop, some drive an hour to get here, so they keep up to date on specials and come in when they see something they want go on sale.

I get an emailed order to me, with all the info-but credit card info. That's in a private login to keep it secured.

I used http://www.riverstreetdesigns.com/ and c an't say enough good things about her! My site was live in a week. I've had a site for 2 years now, but only put the new one up about 6 weeks ago, and we've had very good traffic-I think we have 3600 hits now, in 6 weeks.

I think it'sgood anyways.

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