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Apple Crumb Cake


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Okay, I don't like the embeds on top. I made 2 of these cakes but 1 isn't iced yet because I can't figure out how I want it to look. I'm going to keep this one and burn it.

Anyone have any ideas on the arrangement of apple slices, cinnamon sticks, etc. on top? (I'm going to post 2 pics from 2 angles)



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I think the carrot cake is perfect. Oh man I love the smell of carrot cake too. Yours makes me want to get a fork and dig in.:wink2: I bet the apple cake smells wonderful too. I would suggest that arranging the apples in a more random way and kind of sticking them in the cake as opposed to laying them flat, would make them look more realistic. I also think the color of the apple slices is too yellow. They don't look like real cooked apples. That sprinkle of cinni sure gives the top of the cake a great look. I hope this is helpful. Soapymomma

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I would arrange the apples in the pinwheel fashion like the pic above but I would put them closer to the center of the cake and then put the cinni. sticks between lets say every other slice of apple.

Ditto that recommendation. That would look, in the words of my daughter & Paris, HOT! ;)

Both those cakes look really good. I say "pah" to the nay-sayers of the grubby technique. It sure does work well for icing.

The pie looks good, too.

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I tried the pinwheel and it didn't work - I don't know why. It could be, because as soapymomma says, the apple slices aren't quite the right shade. They actually look good until they are put up against the tannish color of the icing....

In the morning I'll try the pinwheel on the un-iced cake and see what I can get. That was my first thought because that's how I do my pies, but something's not working right. I feel like the top of the cake isn't big enough to get the slices right and I couldn't get any cinnamon sticks in. I have smaller apple slices but don't like them (they actually look more like shriveled apples) so I don't want to use those on top. These apple slices are very large - if I could get some in-between sized apple slices I could probably get the correct pattern.

I'll try again tomorrow. And if I hate that arrangement I'll keep it, burn it for myself and try another one! lol

Thanks guys.

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