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Hi all!

Does anyone have their own catalogue printed up, or do most of you just do brochures? I would love to have a cataloge for when I start doing home parties, incase someone wants to just do a catalogue party, but everwhere I look it seems so expensive! Has anyone found a good deal on getting these done?


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I would love to have a perfessional catalog printed up.

Seems to not be in the budget at this time.

Local printing company wanted $1.40 per sheet or so. :tongue2:

I am having great luck with Brochure paper purchased at

Office Depot.

Using a digital camera for pictures,

I cut & paste into a wordperfect document (that is right wordperfect)

but you have to use what you got. *getdown*

Print out with a inkjet printer.

Everyone loves them and can't believe they are made at home Woo HOOO :yay: and I of course am saving...................money!!!!!!!! keep that overhead down so I can spend it somewhere else LOL

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What do you use to put it together? Just staple it?

Yes, I just staple it. I use an elongated stapler I got at Office Max and brochure paper (the shiny kind - like photo paper). I get the same response as Brooke. People love them and can't believe they are homemade.

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You can get it shiny, but I actually prefer the matte look, it's more my style. And I have mine stapled at Kinkos, they have a machine that makes it look perfect. I would have had to have buy one of those extra long staplers that cost as much as having it done would have. I downloaded a great template from www.microsoft.com, they have some great starting points.

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I am using a matte finish right now.

Looking at the website:


they offer glossy for inkjet I just haven't tried it yet.

I will have to give it a try.

I just wasn't sure if the inkjet could bind the ink into the glossy finish good enough.

I have glossy labels for my jars and they can scratch off.

Hope this was some help :)

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