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How much scent do you use/like in a scrub?


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Yes, I'm all paranoid now about sending my sugar scrub out into the REAL world, the world of B&Bers that will critize and scrutinize it to death!! paranoid.gif LOL

Me, I like strong candles, strong lotion, perfume, and scrubs, but sometimes I've made scrubs/lotions/sprays too strong even for ME. :eek:

Just wanted to kind of get an idea of what everyone else does. ;)

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Oh I don't use THAT much, but on this batch I tried. .3oz for my 32 oz. batch (which would bsically be 1%) but didn't think it was enough so I added another .2oz for a total of .5oz. which is what about 2% right??

Is that too much?

Ok, now I feel stupid, how do I find out the FO's "safe" percentage range??

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