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Business software to keep track of customer info.


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How are ya !

Looking at the other post on software :rolleyes:

I was wondering if anyone has a great software to recommend keeping

track of customer info. like orders, address, phone number.

That way to send out brochures to them.

Or maybe I will have to hand track them LOL

Not sure what kind of software is out there :rolleyes2

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My website keeps customer information like this. Name, address, phone, and email. The is another part of my website that keeps track of my orders. But it doesn't sort them out by customer.

But you could maybe do something like what you are looking for in excel or even with a spreadsheet.

Have you thought about quick books? I think that it does this too but I don't know for sure.

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Hi Lorrie,

I have seen the quick books but like you i don't know what all they can do.

I wish I had excel on my computer. I guess I need to look into buying some software.

I don't have a website yet.

Thanks for the advice :highfive:


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Urrrrrrrrrrrrrg, I have QB Pro and THOUGHT that it was good for my inventory assemblies but it wont work!! NOW, I am going to have to dish out 399.00 if I want to use QB so I can keep tract of my inventory on a assembly bases! Anyone know a way around this? From what I understand, I can view, edit and so forth in Pro but need either the Premier or manufacturing version for the assembly inventory!! I just paid 200.00 for this, cant dish out another 400.00! Anyone able to help me around this? I want to keep tract of each exact costs (ie, FO, wax, additives, wicks, dyes, etc.) for each and every product that I will make and have it automatically calculate the total cost to make and deduct the supplies from my inventory.

Any and all help would be so appreciative!

God Bless,


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Hey Guys

I took the quickbooks plunge & it was one of the best decisions I made. Bit the bullet & got the Premier 2006 package from Atomicpark.com for $312.00

It does all the inventory tasks you mention with regards to building assemblies like calculating costs and subtracting parts out of stock.

There are some tricks i found however when setting up your inventory that make life a bit simpler.

It took me all of 3 months to set it up but its done now and its great.


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