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Need help quickly!!


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So, I'm making my scrub for the Mother's Day swap, and I don't have any stearic acid-oh I'm making Bohunk's sugar scrub.

So, I thought, heck I'll just try it without and see what happens, well I don't think it's gonna work, it's kind of runny looking, not whipping up like it normally does. :(

Does anyone know of anything else I can add/up to make it heavier/thicker?

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Yah, I haven't even added my sugar yet, cuz I was afraid to waste it, if this batch of oils/butters wasn't gonna work. :(

I think I'll do that, then let it sit overnight (again) and see if it thickens up a bit, geesh, I just really hate to have to throw it all away, especially when I need to send it for the swap by the end of this week. :eek:

Could I add more ewax? Orrrrrrrrr what else do I have??? How about a little tapicoca starch? Would that thicken it up I wonder?

I may just have to experiment with a bit of this batch and see if anything works!!

Greatttttt, the mad scientist at work right before a swap deadline. :rolleyes: LOL

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Yah, I've got both of those in there, so which one would be better to add more of?

Adding the sugar help somewhat, but it's still not as thick as it normally is when I use the stearic. I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to glob out with my fingers like I like, but then again, it's been known to morph overnight into a hard rock (from past experiences), so maybe I should just leave it, now that the sugars in it, and see what tomorrow brings. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm off to try and make labels (another thing I suck at!!). :eek::rolleyes:

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Yep, it's too late, already added the sugar, dang it!! Can't add it in now, and yep, it's STILL runny damn it!! :mad:

I don't know what I was thinking, well, at first I wasn't adding the sugar cuz I knew I was waiting to hear from anyone if there was something I could add to help it, and then for some dumb reason I thought I'd just add it in and see if it helped. :rolleyes:

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day-ding dong anyone home in there???? LOL

It sooooooooo pretty and smells sooooo dang good too. :cry2:

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