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Lavender Mix ??


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Hey Everyone... Quick question...I need to make a lavender candle for one of my customers, but she wanted it mixed with something else just to tone down the strong lavender smell just a little..Any mix suggestions?? Thanks so much for any ideas!

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I will try the lavender vanilla. Has anyone ever tried lavender rose or lavender and ylang ylang? Just curious as to how those would mix...

Ewww!! don't do the Ylang ylang!! I don't know anything that could make that stuff smell nice..lol..but that's me....do the vanilla...you'll love it...

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i just received cucumber, lavender & sage from solas candles and it smell great.

lavender & chamomile-stress relief

eucalyptus, sandalwood & lavender

lavender, grapefruit & musk-calming

lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint & bergamot-snore therapy

lavender, rosewood & peppermint-headache relief

lavender & cucumber melon

lavender, apple & oakmoss

lavender & sandalwood

.most of these oils are from millcreek so your mixes may smell different.

try the q-tip trick and see what smells good to you.

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I hate Lavender and really hate the way it smells when you add vanilla. And vanilla is my favorite scent. I have Lavender Basil from B&L, it's so much better than Lavender alone. Also several years ago someone said to mix Lavender and Pumpkin PIe soooo one day I was making both and poured equal amounts together to make a votive. Believe it or not it smells really good. Who'd have gessed????

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