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water and "outdoorsy" scents


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Looking for a great water/marine/lake scent. Looking for something really fresh and different from the ones I am currently using. Have tried:

from bittercreek-



mountain lake

spring rain

Tidal Wave

Also looking for something that screams the fresh outdoors. Fresh air, some woods. Maybe a hint of wildflowers....... Not hard to please at all...lol:wink2:

Anyone know of anything like this or close so I add to it? Been trying to mix some scents I have have but ending up with perfume undertones that take away from the fresh, breath of fresh air I'm looking for!

Any help would be so appreciated!


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Peak Ocean and Carolina Candle Supplies Rain are good water scents.

Also, Celestial Waters from JS is amazing. I just put this in wax last night and it might be just what you are looking for. Very clean and unique. I would definitely try this one.

As far as outdoorsy - I can't help you there. Hate anything woodsy.

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JS Cranberry Yuzu would be perfect. OOB you get more yuzu (greenery) than cranberry, but it blends perfectly once in wax.

JS also has a few new clean scents, like Refreshing, Rhapsody and Temptation. I haven't tried these three, but I like White Barn Raindrops, Celestial Waters, Lemon Magnolia, Citrus Linen and a few others. You should definitely try a sample pack from there. They are on sale this week too ;)

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Old Mill has one that I adore. It's a very outdoorsy "green" kind of scent that smells like you've just gathered an armful of fresh green tree branches and ferns. It's called Tinseled Garland. Don't let the Christmas name fool you -- with a different name, this could easily be a year-round scent.

ETA: No heavy perfumey notes to my nose.

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Here's a few from Nature's Garden that I have tried and like very much. I am into the fresh and/or green scents big time so I think they may be right up your ally:

Clean Crisp Air (fresh, fresh, fresh...love this one!)

Orchid Rain

China Rain

Nantucket Briar (Very Green!)

Butterfly Garden (smells like a sweet flower garden, very nice!)

Twigs and Berries or Tayberry and Teakwood (they both smell exactly the same. You've got the berry scent in there but you can still smell the wood in it as well.)

Save on Scents

Green Leaf and Bamboo

KY Candle Supply

Raspberry Tomato Leaf


Green Grass (Yankee Dupe)

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