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Chocolover's (Aquolina dupe from TSW)


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Ohhh man...between this and the LLC I think I'm finally going to be FORCED to order from there.

I haven't smelled the FO- but I smelled this perfume at a Sephora store last month and absolutely loved it :drool: ...and I typically hate hate hate chocolate smells.

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Man~ I have to order. LOL!

Not a chocolate fan myself, as a body scent. I was hoping someone was going to come along and say it smelled like plain chocolate, so I could resist.

Sephora~ another one of my many vices. :drool: I wish they would quit sending me coupons and free shipping specials. My enabler... heh!

You will love the curd. I love it for lotions and scrubs. Not a fan in CP soap.

Thank you for your input.

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Yeah, here, let me stop you. (Door is wide open lol)

I haven't tried it. Can't imagine putting chocolate anything on myself and then wanting to eat me ... (OK not the picture I was going for)

But OT ... my cedarwood & mint and Rosewood came in. Man I am having one peaceful Monday. (No, I don't feel stoned. Just soooo relaxed.)

(Whispering) Keep that S*A*L*E word to yourself.

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