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I need help making two FOs better....


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I bought two gross smelling FOs at a good price and would like to use them if possible but need help making them smell better.

One is Holiday Bayberry and the other is Juniper. Both have an evergreen scent to them. I'd REALLY like to make the Juniper smell like Juniper Breezes does anyone know what I need to add?

Same with the Bayberry, I'd like to give it a holiday smell to use in soaps. I know I'm asking alot, with not alot of info. I've been qtip testing but don't know what to try ... so far I've done cinnamon and vanilla in the Bayberry and don't like it.

HELP please :) TIA

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You might try a cranberry or some other type of berry scent to combine with either one of them to tone them down a bit if you don't like the strong scent of pine. Not every pine is created equal. Some of them smell like pine cleaner while others smell very fresh and natural. I'm a lover of pine scents as long as they smell natural.

Edited: Just had another thought, Twigs and Berries might be a good one to mix with.

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