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Hummingbird Pillar & Other Pillars


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Sorry, I decorated and wrapped them before I thought to take a photo!

Hummingbird pillars are made from a parasoy blend, 70% soy, 30% paraffin, scented in Gardenia.

Other pillars are Ecosoya Pillar Blend, no additives. Pink is scented "Cherish" (from Just Scent) Lilac is Juniper Breeze and yellow is starfruit and mango.

Decoration is handmade mulberry paper crinkled ribbon and handmade mulberry paper flowers.




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Thanks all :-)

Cybersix - I don't use bags, I use cellophane wrap which comes on a roll. Just much easier to wrap it around the candle. I get it from a florist supply company or ebay. Then I just snip around the base, fold it over and tape it down, then crunch the top up with a tiny clear elastic band a a pull bow - I can't live without pull bows because I simply cannot tie bows myself!

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