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Square Tins from Co-op


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Tried the marble look for the first time, I used too many drops of dye (what caused the dark red area at the top of pic and how can I fix this the next time?), FO Raspberry Guave


Tried a 62C after 3 hrs(didn't think it would do the trick- wishful thinking)


HTP 105 after approx 4 hrs. thought I'd see what it would do putting the wicks in the corners. Later changed, definately works better side by side. Also tried HTP 104 left alittle more on sides.


STILL doing more testing..... Any suggestions :confused: ALSO I'm using 100% soy how many burning hours should I expect from this 8oz tin ? This is the first time I've ever tried tins and double wicking. TIA :smiley2:




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So far I have only tested 2 wicks the 62-52-18C and the 60-44-18C and both did good. Using straight EL soy container wax, no color, and 1oz per pound of NG Ylang Ginger (which chased me out of the room.)

Keep burning to see if the sides catch up. For me basically by the 3-4th burn the sides were clean, and the tins didn't get that hot. I was able to pick it up and hold it without any problems. Once I got the candle burned 1/2 way I let it go till it burned out and the tins still didn't get that hot and everything stayed clean and that thing stayed lit for well over 24 hours before it went out. No sooting, had to keep triming the wick about every 3-4 hours or I got shrooms, good melt pool.....I have way more testing to do but that is all I have gotten to so far with those. Total hours burned was over 40 hours.

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Granted this is just my opinion, but the 62c might have worked if you'd continued. Of the 3 I've been testing, the 44z had hangup most all the way down and I figured it was under wicked. But in the last 1/2" to 1", it has caught up completely and there's no hang-up. The testers were burned exacly the same. I did notice the 51z had about 1/4" less wax left, so no hang-up early on will mean a shorter total burn time. :)

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Just a thought to consider ... if it were me making a container w/ a tin I can't see thru, I wouldn't put forth the effort to marble the whole thing since the marble effect will be invisible after you start burning the candle & get a melt pool.

If it were me, I'd do at least one experiment .... fill the tin w/ non-colored wax. Then when it starts to set up, put about 3 drops (more if you want a darker effect) of the color on the top, & then SLIGHTLY stir. What I did after that would be based on how it looked when solid.

Another experiment would be to lightly color the wax, add it to the tin, let it set up a little, add some color, & then slightly stir.

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