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FBB fun!


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Had an unexpected hour to myself and decided to play with the FBB. Strapped on the 'Pod and went to work. Here's what I came up with:

9 oz FBB

1.8 oz shea OIL

.8 SAO

1 tsp hydrovance

.1 oz FO

.1 Phenonip

Half cup sugar

Threw it all in the KAid and set on slow long enough to keep the stuff from flinging out then up to high. Scraped the sides a few times (usually after about 5 minutes whip time). Added sugar last.

This fills a 16 oz container. Used on my hands and so far they feel very yummy, no dryness. So signs of getting hard or seperation.

OK, maybe a bit more than .1 FO but I'm a scent slut ;)

Feel free to sub away. Enjoy!

Footnote: Apres shower, I was not happy with the "scrubby" level so will add more sugar next time.

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The jury is still out on the Hydrovance. I haven't used it much with the FBB, but I have used it in lotion. To me it gives a "cool" feeling (does that make sense?) and definitely adds slip. I'm going to add a bit less to my next lotion batch and see if I like it a bit better. I have some customers that like the feel, some don't. I think with summer coming it will add a little something to the lotion that will be popular.

Could I BE more vague?!?

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That sounds good. I have about 5# of FBB that have been sitting in my garage since before Christmas that I have been needing to do something with, and I just got some Hydrovance in last week. Does the FBB still lather with that much oil? I hope so, because when I tried the suggested recipe on the KBB site, it was just too drying for me with the small amount of oil added that they recommended. Don't want to lose the bubbles, though. Thanks for sharing.:cheesy2:

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