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My very first CP soap!! Cut pics added at end of thread!!


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Thanks guys, I'm sitting here with this big grin on my face!! :P

I'm pretty proud, and damn it, anxious to see it cut myself!! :D

So, just how long do I have to wait to cut it????

:) YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be proud! That's gonna be some nice soap!!

I usually wait anywhere between 18-24-36 hours to cut depending on how soft the recipe is that I poured. You can check it at 20 and see how it is. It might be ready by then to unmold and cut.

Good job girl!! It's a load of fun isn't it?? :)

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GEESH, I had to break my mold to get this log out, but it cut pretty well I guess, it's soft but not too soft (didn't smear or anything).

Whaddya think? Nothing special, just plain jane, but as long as I made it myself right? ;) Now I just have to hope that it IS in fact soap (will it actually lather??? Who knows!??)


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