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Vaniglia (cleaned up)


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Finally, I had time to clean up my Vaniglia batch. This FO is absolutely awesome and I love it. It definitely does darken but with a blind swirl it really makes it look delish.


Here's another view:


I really like the blind swirl technique for this one. I don't know how I got the framing effect (probably won't happen again) but I like it.

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Man, that looks like fudge! Why do you want to tempt a fat girl like that?

Where did you get the FO? It sounds and looks incredible! Awesome job.

LMAO, you are sooooo funny!!!! But, I have to admit, my stomach is just growling (seriously) it's making me sooooo hungry, lol. As for the FO, it's from Oregon Trail.

Thank you ALL for commenting on my soap. I just wish you all could smell this divine FO.

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Oh Granny! That's hilarious!:naughty:

And this is THE best vaniglia I've seen. LOVE IT. How much soap did you hold out of your batch to mix with the scented part?

LOL, that is funny Granny!!!

Lindsay, I did a 2.5 pound batch and took out 20 ounces and added TD to it. I added the FO to the remainder of the batch, poured it into the mold and did the blind swirl with the unscented TD amount.

Thank you all for your kind comments on this batch. I really enjoyed doing this one. :yay:

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Oh girl.. I'm totally taken aback. Those are just stunning! May I ask how you polished them? I've tried water or alcohol, and they don't look near THAT good! Beautiful.. Just beautiful!

LOL, you certainly can girlie!!!!! After I get through shaving all them, I space them out (standing up) on a piece of wax paper. I have a 4 oz. spray bottle with alcohol in it. I spray the front and top with 2 quick sprays. Turn the wax paper around and spray the back and sides with 2 quick sprays. Let them dry for 10 minutes (without touching them) turn them over and spray the bottom with 1 quick spray and viola, that's it. I tried the pantyhose thing and it didn't work for me. I wasn't brave enough to try the bath thing. The alcohol dries really fast and doesn't leave a smell. I love how it makes them shine and keeps any ash from forming.

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