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Greenleaf 70/30 Blend

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I see that quite a few people who used j223 and j50 have switched over to this wax. What about those that use 4627? What is your opinion? I love the throw of this wax but if you dont trim your wick you get quite a bit of smoking. I was thinking about switching but would like to see what people who have tried this think.


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Which wax are you getting all the smoking from? 4627?

I was testing the 4627 extensively when GL 70/30 came along,

I was also testing j50 and a little j223.

I like the GL wax. 4627 has a great throw but I think GL is right there in the running with it. And, it's not near as messy to work with.

I'm still testing j50 to a degree, I'm more focused on GL because I've never tried any soy wax before and it's a learning process for me (soy wax, new wicks, all that) But I like that's it's part soy. I read all these horrid things about soy and wasn't brave enough to try it, (frosting, ect.) And I don't know why but I was under the assumption that wax with soy in it just wouldn't throw as good as paraffin. You should get enough GL for testing to see if you would want to test it more I think, I think I'm gonna love this wax.

just my opinion :cheesy2:

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Can't really comment on 4627. But I have tested the 70/30 and I like it enough to test more of it! I had a sample that Brenda sent along with the 1 oz of Indonesian Teak, and it smells great! I'm definitely getting ten lbs next week and some of their FO samples to try out.


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