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I MADE SOAP!! (at least I think I did!)


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Thanks to all the encourgement I received this past week I finally got the courage to do it this morning and just got done putting in the mold(s). :D

Special thanks to Purple Lilac for her complete walk-through soap tutorial that she PM'd me and for keeping me company while I did it. :)

I started out with my whisk, since PL said it might be easier my first time, but after stirring and stirring for almost 10 minutes I said the heck with it, and got my brand new stickblender out, and man that stuff whipped into shape real quick after that. ;) Then I added my FO (I made sure I used one that "rocks in CP soap" ;) ) and blended it a little more, and just plopped it in the mold, but I had a LOT of extra so I hurried and got out one of my bar molds and made 2 small oval bars with the leftovers. ;)

Got all my fingers and toes crossed that it worked. I am soooooo NOT a patient person, so this aught to be fun waiting to see if it worked or not. :rolleyes: LOL

I took some pics. too. :)

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