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Just ordered Fil-Tec

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Never heard of them before, but googled the name and came up with the site. Their wicks sound interesting. I just wonder how hot you can pour your wax before they lose their rigidity. Would be interested in hearing your results. I have a few molds {pillar} that are a son of a gun to keep the wicks straight due to multiple wicking. Anyway let us know!

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Hello All,

I am new to the forum, but i do have some information regarding FilTec wicks and hybrid candle blends(soy&paraffin). The soy has a higher viscosity when molten compared to paraffin. That is why candles made with a blend or all veggie products require more wick than paraffin. The "open" nature of the Filtec wick allows for better "wicking" action and a better burn.

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