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Color Red

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LOL! This has been the most talked about color on this board, and different people do different things to get the red that works for them. What works for me in my soy, with my liquid dyes is this, 3 parts red and 1 part orange. So if I use 9 drops of red, I use 3 orange and that makes it a nice strawberry looking red. If you do a search, you will come up with many suggestions. :)

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It seems like almost everyone uses liquid dyes. I am just starting out and I am having a hard time deciding if I should use liquid, blocks or chips. Is it just a matter of personal preference? Knowing what a perfectionist I am, I am not sure how I could get consistent color from a block that I shave off.

It's a matter of preference. Dye chips rock because they are the least messy and you get consistent color as long as you use the same qty. of chips. But with blocks and chips, sometimes you get little specks of intense color at the bottom of your candles no matter how well you stir!

I prefer how economical the liquid bottles are. I make a LOT of candles and still manage to take quite a bit of time using up my liquid bottles. LOL They can be messy, though. And they stink oob, although the scent doesn't come through on your finished candle. HTH

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