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I made soap with my usual recipe last night, scented it with NG's Lick Me All Over, colored the entire thing one color, no swirlies, not nuttin'... just bright pink using select shades.

I got up this morning, uncovered the mold, and it was a beautiful creamy pink color... until I unmolded it all the way.

I had this:


All the color floated to the top. I swear the entire thing was pink when it went into the mold... and now it's like iced cake.

Does anyone need any soap fairies? I seem to have several I could send your way.

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Ah, you are my enabler for the Lick Me All Over girl. Damn you and the bath soak/tealight combo. :drool:

It behaved beautifully at 1oz. PP. And the scent is true and strong. Hopefully it'll stay that way through the entire cure.

I'm still baffled on the color though. Carrie is right, I couldn't do this again if I tried.

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