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Hi, I just realized that I made a few posts but have not properly introduced myself. My name is Chris and I live in NJ. I was bit with the candle bug about 4 years ago and now consider myself a full fledge addict. If I’m not trying improving my candles, I’m on the internet researching anything and everything relating to candlemaking. I found a supplier within a half hour from me and picked her brain until we became best friends! lol

When doing craft fairs I had requests for soy candles so there I go searching the internet for soy information when I came across this site. You people rock! The information that you share is priceless. I’ve been hesitant to try soy because it can be a “pull your hair out wax” until you find what works with you. I did try Cargill V and loved it until it cracked like crazy over the winter. No matter what I did the success rate for votives were terrible. I hope the 474 will be more user friendly and can’t wait to test this one out.

I did get a sample of the 464 and love it. Now I’m in the process of finding the right wick for this wax but was very impressed with the cold throw, higher pour temp, good adhesion to the jar, smooth tops. For me this wax is the closest that I found that behaves.

I could go on and on but will end this here! Didn’t want one of my first post to end up as a novel. lol



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Hi and Welcome, :yay:

I too am new here. In fact, I never did an intro post, I need to do that. ;)

I just tested the 464 and I love it. :)

I wish this forum would come in a book format I could print out so I could read it in bed (love to read in bed), lol ;) ...there is SO much to read and I had eyestrain from reading it all, but oh so well worth it. ;)

See ya on the boards. :)

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I just want to say welcome to the wonderful world of soy wax. Sometimes it makes you want to pull your hair out, sometimes it makes you smile, LOL! I love soy because of it's challenges and how great I get my candles to throw. Good luck on your soy adventure and dig in with the search function, tons of information to be had. Ask lots of questions, that's why we are all here. :D

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Thank you for the welcomes! I became addicted to candlemaking 4 yrs ago when I had a decent cash flow and no bald spots on my head! lol

I did what a lot of people did when they first started and bought a book on how to make candles (gel) at the local craft store. I fell for the “floating wicks” that weren’t attached but was safety conscience enough to say yes it pretty but I wouldn’t burn it. That’s when the internet became my friend and teacher in how to make a proper candle.

The addiction continues now that I want to try my hand at soy. I started with votives last summer and was pretty pleased with the results and thought to myself that this was pretty easy to do. NOT! When winter came and colder temps and low humidity is when I found out why people pull their hair out! My votives went from perfection to frosted, cracking, pitting lumps of wax! We had orders over the holidays and became very frustrated with making a dozen get two good votives out of the batch. Spending 2 days to get a dozen to ship out. I swore soy was not for me until I found this message board and found others having the same problems and everyone was troubleshooting the problems. So here I am dabbling in soy again. :rolleyes2

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