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Brainstorming Wholesale Specials


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I am going back one year and offering some specials to my customers that ordered big this time of year & I am trying to think of some ideas that may entice them.

Feel like brainstorming some ideas with me?

I know that these are out since wholesale is so much cheaper than retail:

free shipping

buy one get one free

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Free Shipping is definately one they love. Are you capable of doing that? make sure they have to buy so much of it, like $200 or so, what ever you think you can afford

Just had a promo come into me 25% off shipping, thought that was an odd one, especiaally since their shipping prices are pretty low.

Also seen buy 12 of an item get 1 free

10% off pricing

Free merchandise(at retail value) to offset the shipping.

We have a special, buy 24 get 1 free (on the $10 ones) at show or new customers.

Starting in June, at the shows we have free shipping over $300

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If you don't already give them a free sample of the products they purchase you could try that.

You could have a contest for people who make purchases within a certain period of time. All companies who order during that time period will have their names dropped in a box from which one winner will be pulled and given a free case of something--or discount, or whatever you can dream up. If you wind up getting a lot of sales, giving away a free case (or a dozen, or whatever the qty. might be) shouldn't be such a hardship as buy one get one free, etc.

Do you do private label? If so, maybe you could lower the cost of that for the month of May.

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It's smart of you to review previous orders. For those people who placed large orders at this time last year, did they ever place re-orders? I'm wondering if maybe the orders were for mother's day. Have you analyzed what they were buying.? Did most of them buy several different items, or focus mainly on one product?

It might be too late for a mother's day special, but perhaps you could make a gift combo pack. It could be something as simple as putting a scrub and a lotion together in a pretty organza bag. Advertise them as quick purchases for gifts on the run--perfect for the upcoming wedding, graduation, and summer seasons.

Hopefully, it will achieve a couple of different things. One, it will look like something different and new and will generate immediate sales. Two, if they haven't tried one of the items included in the combo pack before, this will introduce them to it and they may begin to purchase it on a regular basis.

Another option is to get them give them tiered discounts. Buy one case save 5%. Buy two cases save 10%. Buy three cases and save 15%. You could make it mix and match, or require that discounts only apply to cases of the same product.

So much for my brainstorming tonight. It's late!

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Yes they are all repeat customers that order just about once a month (some of them order twice during this time of year)

Truth is I have some pretty large taxes due at the end of the month and could use the pick up in business. I just don't want to wait for them to place the order and I would like to get them to order more than last year to see if they can actually increase their sales. I have been trying to do this each year with my regular wholesale accounts and so far, so good.

I also like the tiered discount thing - because alot of my customers order cases of bathbombs and that one discount could push them into buying one more case :)

Thanks so much for the ideas - my brain is reeling!! ;)

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