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Cetyl Esters vs Cetyl alcohol


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Thanks Bunny. I was wanting to make Apres salt glow bar. I called Judy at TDFS and she looked at my previous history of orders and found that I did buy the ca and so I went digging and found it in my garage. :yay: She said if I really needed to I could sub stearic for the ca.

I spent like an hour with her on the phone and she has so much knowledge about stuff and I understand how to use my aloe vera x200 powder finally. lol

When I was looking for the ca I was also excited to find I had ordered BN's lip balm base. I didn't even remember I had bought it. It's like Christmas when I start digging for stuff around here. :yes:

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Ohhh.. You're gonna love the Apres Glow!

I got one from Guppygirl in the swap and I love it and want more. lol

I think I had posted about the 200x aloe a long time ago but nobody really knew to much about it at the time. Judi also told me it is easier to make a large batch of it and have it on hand instead of trying to make exact amounts since the numbers can be weird. I am finally going to make your bootylicious body butter. :yay: If I need more help I'll give you a holler. :)

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