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NEED YOUR help finding a supplier for citric acid


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Hi Everyone,

As most of you know I may have a big order for bath bombs, since first posting I've found out the order is (probably?) for 1200 not 8,000 (the lady that inquired hasn't called back yet with details, but after talking to my referring client she said 1200). In any case I had been buying my citric acid from someone on ebay and until I hear back from Ben E. Keith as to whether they can supply me with citric acid, I need to have another source (if they can't). A helpful person on this board gave me cost guide-lines to use and for 50 lbs of citric acid the cost should run around $40.00. Can anyone direct me to a supplier that has decent wholesale prices? The Chemistry Store pricing was 50 lbs for $70.00 before shipping???? ALL help is MOST appreciated!!!


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because of this post I checked locally to see if there was a wine making supply store in the Des Moines area. There is, but they want $15 for a POUND of CA. OMG!!!!

At least with bulkfoods.com they include shipping charges, and it's still under $3/lb. yikes.

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