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A big seller for me!


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As I am still working on Cp soaps..

I had to make more M&P for the store i stock..

Anyway..I made some coconut cream pie soap it looks cool!! sooooo easy

i will post picts soon...

Jumbo Muffin pan..makes 6 soaps..

Opaque M&P..I use a GM base..from BCN..i love the stuff!!

cocoa powder..

Coconut Cream Pie scent....Can't do that in CP or it would be wayyy to brown..


make sure your mold are wicked clean...Dust with Cocoa powder..

Mix Ur M&P add any additive u would like..

add scent I use 1 oz per pound as I love it strong!!

Pour into molds..sprinckle Cocoa powder on top..

Let set up..

wrap in shrink wrap and label with a Kraft label.. i used 2 2.5 circles

They are huge soaps. Aprox 6.0 oz. But they look and smell awesome!!

I already sold 4 before I left my booth yesterday...they look and smell like food..But they clean great!!!

just thought I would pass on my idea! I need to make more..

when I do i will post picts!

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I love it! Great Idea... you have to show us some pics! I did a lemon pie like this before with layers for crust, lemon and fluff. it looked good too! just a thought for you....

I find peole love anything that looks like food or smells like food.... mostly deserts.... a way to get the smell with out the cal's I guess... keep satisfying peoples guilty pleasures and you will sell a ton!!!

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