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Air Bubbles

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Yes, my wicks are primed. Maybe I was just having a bad day cause most of them had bubbles and wet spots. Doesn't pouring too quickly cause bubbles? I think I poured just like I always pour. A few wet spots don't look to bad but these looked really bad. I popped them with a heat gun and they all went away.

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If you pour too cool or the jars cool too quickly, sometimes air bubbles rise to the top but can't burst because the wax forms a skin too quickly. Or if the jars weren't preheated, or the candles cooled down too quickly, the wax shrinks and pulls away from the jar, causing wet spots.

See if your particular wax mfr. has a recommended pouring method and pouring temp. Then let them cool slowly, such as in a styrofoam cooler, and see if that doesn't help with the bubbles.


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Any chance your wax had a little water in it? Seems to happen a lot with J-223. Or maybe it can come from humidity like Scented said.

I have a wax that has some moisture in it. If I melt it normally I can cook it off, but recently I made some testers in small votive glasses. I put the wax directly in the containers and melted in the oven, so a tiny bit of water ended up staying in each container. At first I didn't see anything unusual, but within a week I had little bubbles appearing and small spots of separation from the glass. It was all throughout the wax but distinctly more towards the bottom.

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