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Labels are driving me to the edge


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Ok. I ordered some sample sheets of 1 1/2" round labels (5-6C) from Labelsbythesheet.com

I cannot for the life of me get anything centered, or make it look half-ass decent.

I am not all that fond of working with Microsoft Word....is there a template or a cheater page or something I can work with?

I printed out the template from labelsbythesheet, but even it is off set from the labels they sent me.

I am about to go mad.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I center my wording in the middle of the labels and then bring them all back 2 spaces each for the templates they give you.

Also, as Eugenia said, dont print a whole sheet at once.

It seems like the more you print from the same sheet, the more and more they go off kilter.

Try moving them all over a couple spaces and only print half a sheet at a time....

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Hon, I am a former typesetter, and even *I* have trouble with round labels. LOL

One thing I've noticed is that I can have my labels set up perfectly, but sometimes the label sheets are not cut evenly. In other words, there's more space from the top edge to the first label on top, but less space between the lower edge and the bottom label. Make sense? I'm not communicating very well here, sorry. Or the side edges will be slightly different. A bit more margin on one side than the other. Nuts, I've even gotten some that are cut a bit skewed and not evenly.

It's also important to be sure your label sheet feeds in correctly. Double check the paper tray to see that the edge guides are bumping up gently right up to the side of the paper.

Good luck. :)

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