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I said I'd stay far away from....


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Bath Bombs! But everyone else is stepping out and doing new things and they called to me. So I got the ingredients together based on the recipe found here recently on CT (Elizabeth's!!) and made them this afternoon. My very first bombs made in a full-sized muffin tin. :rolleyes2 Didn't have any fancy molds.


That spray bottle tip works great! I put a little of the sandalwood rose scented monoi I mixed up this morning for the oil/scent. Tonight I'm going to test out the one on the left that's a little flakey around the edges even though I think you're supposed to wait a little longer than I am going to.

I'm so excited that they stuck together and are hard. :yay:

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Bath cakes ... I couldn't resist ;)

You know...if you had a way to make (or find) a little frosting shaped mold that you could use on the top of these as they are in the muffin tray to simulate cupcake frosting...that would be awesome! :cool2: Or even a way to attach a sugar flower (if it would dissolvee) made from royal icing.... I am going to ponder on this....

My bathtub had a ring around it last night when I was finished with my first-ever bath bomb experience...but I had a smile on my face. I plunked one in the hot water and watched it fizz. Nice smell, nice fizzing...very relaxing. I love the way the scent and oil are released in a flurry of carbonation.

So there I am in the tub enjoying the scented & oiled water when my husband pops his head in the door and asks..."How's it working?"... What could I do, but ask him to grab another from the oven? :drool: He tossed it in and thought it was very cool. The monoi left my skin very soft and smooth.

I can see how these could be addicting. I'm at a disadvantage in evaluating my first bombs because I have nothing to compare them to! Must fix that problem....hehehe.:naughty:

Thanks for your comments!

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I love the muffin tin... I have been useing one too... and the smaller tin as well for testers and free samples.... works like a charm!

The cupcake idea is great! I have also been playing with that...

Only what I have found that works is doing the bath bomb bottom with a soap top icing! I have this mold thing for some sort of cakes that sort of looks like icing... no idea what they are called... I will try and get a pic of them if I can find the mold!

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Well what can you dab that will harden as a gluing agent ... can you do it with say a dab o' sugar and glue the flower on? Because there are those trays of embeddable things that ought to work.

I suppose there isn't a shea-like mix that would work as an icing that wouldn't melt and slime everything up.

So wait, would E-wax and sugar work as a gluing agent?

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I love making soap, and I'm having a hard time making anything beyond it.

My sister in law makes this kind of stuff, melt and pour soaps, sprays etc. so I don't want to seem as though I am copying in any way shape or form.

I also don't bathe, JUST SHOWER....so I'm not sure about making them. I did try someone's bath melts from this message board and loved them. But after my son fell asleep at the bathroom door, I remembered why I don't bathe.

Anyhow........I'd like to try one or two of these. I'll let my 11 year old be the judge of them, and just leave the door open to scent the house with the fragrance!

Plus I wanted a few other things...........because I have a sandalwood rose addiction, and my monoi co-op fell through so I need some of that from you. I'll PM ya.

The cupcake topping would be a great addition. Perhaps you could make it fluffier and just plop some on top? That wouldn't work????

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Brenda, I have made them with a real rose bud on top, you put it in the mold before your mixture, looks awesome. You could do that with other additives for a top on them.

They look great, and bet they smell awesome.

I just made 40 London Lemon Curd bath bombs today, put 14 Karat gold mica on one end, I call my LLC soap Lemon Butter so I am going to call the bombs "Butta Bing". I love making them, I alway add some kind of additive or other mica etc to add a little zip to them.


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cant find the stupid mold.... sorry... I am not sure what you even use it for... it is like a muffin tin but each 'muffin' comes out looking like a rose... or maybe a cabbage lol. it was neat though... I hate moving I always loose something!!

I love the idea of a floating candle... its like bath bomb with a bonus!!!

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