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Help with Renaming


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Just curious, but why do you want to rename them all? Some of the have great names and they aren't TM as far as I know. Like I said, just curious. Anyway, here are my picks.

Antahala Vanilla - I don't know what this smells like, but how about Vanilla Passion, Enchanted Vanilla, Vanilla Voodoo, Silky Vanilla, Vanilla Pleasures

Grapefruit Watermelon - Summer Melon, Sweet Melon, Spring Melon, Melon Breeze, Melon Burst

Hawaiian Breeze - Paradise Island, Paradise Cove, Beach Vacation, Summer Fantasy

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I'll help you be original :) Here is what I did for Antahala Vanilla. This is a "type" scent made after a perfurme - Vaniglia de Madagascar. I started researching info on Madagascar Vanilla and found out that there are actually Vanilla plantations there. Antahala is actually one of the cities where the vanilla plantations are located - hence the name - Antahala Vanilla. I then researched to make sure that no one was using it for a scent or perfume and then checked for registered trademarks at the www.uspto.gov site and found nothing there. Made a business recording of when we went commercial with the name.

That is typically the process we go through when trying to come up with a name that would be unique to our scents.


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