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My contribution to fugly hall of fame


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I honestly don't know what I was thinking with these two candles.. oh wait, yes I do, I was thinking that they would be magnificent and they turned out... well, fugly. :cheesy2:

My husband thinks this one is neat looking and sort of like a candy cane. He already wants me to make some for Christmas.


This one here... oh my... it actually would have turned out nice, but it slipped into a vat of hot wax and nearly drowned! I saved its life, but it will never be the same again. :cry2:


So there are my two contributions... I'm sure I will be adding many, many, many more... *sighs*...


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Yes, well ... I know how it is when one has a fantastic vision in mind and can hardly wait for the great unveiling ... then that awful moment when excited, anticipation turns to horror and dismay. :shocked2: You are definitely not alone. Thanks for sharing.

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While the blue one may have suffered ... greatly, I LOVE the color. ;) AND, good for you for experimenting w/ some irregular shaped chunks. I'm sure these two experiments will, in the end, only enhance your ability to make better candles next time. :)

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