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Finally! Beat the ash.


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I've been having a terrible time in my slab mold with ash - the basement is so cool I haven't been able to insulate enough. I really don't like trimming - the final product doesn't match my other more rustic style.

Finally bit the bullet and tried what lots of people do - put it in the oven :) Hey, it takes me awhile. DH had to trim my mold so it would fit in the kitchen oven - it doesn't fit in the basement oven unfortunately. This is with yellow oxide, my Grapefruit Splash.

So I can actually see some swirls :)



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I just started pouring this size of a batch - the mold is 14 x 18 and this, poured 1", is 7 1/4 pounds (28 bars). When I do my chunkier cuts it holds 10#s (36 bars).

So far the only batches I've been brave enough to pour this big is this grapefruit, OMH, and Lemongrass & Ginger. Next up is Lavender Mint I think, now that I've beaten the ash problem. That's weird Bunny that the heat gives you ash. Ash is weird, isn't it.

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