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? about storing your soaps


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I went to Walmart and The Dollar store and got plastic tupperware boxes. Usually I let the soaps breathe for a week or two then I will put them in the Tupperware boxes but sometimes with or without the lid. They stack on shelves and usually keep their scent very well. I havent been able to find cardboard boxes that can take the abuse I put them through.


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I use to do the plastic shoe boxes, but that effected all of my soaps, without regard to what the soaps were made of. I do not think it allows the soap to breathe enough. I know store what I have in boxes, shoe boxes or other small boxes, like postal boxes.

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If you store in shoe boxes or cardboard boxes, do you leave the lids off or put the lids on with air holes poked in? I didn't know if the cardboard absorbed the scents or not. I currently have mine in plastic storage boxes but finding out that they want to sweat so I am putting the lids on part way so the air will get in. As far as wrapping the cured soaps, I am using soap boxes right now. I have several Dan's bands but I am afraid they will sweat.

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