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Paraffin/Soy Blend Users

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Do you find 6006 a one-pour? Just started testing this and so far, for me anyway, its not. Slight dip at wick. If it is for you, can you help?

Also, if you've tried more than one of the IGI veg/para container blends, which one tends to me more of a one pour? How about the Astorlite blends, any that give you a perfectly flat surface most of the time?

Thanks very much,


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6006 is a one pour in my travel tins and square(cannister) apothecaries. It does get a dip at the wick in my hex jars and regular apothecaries(also jelly jars when I did them) I just hit it with a heat gun. I think it would be a one pour if I didnt fill it up into the neck..it just doesnt look right to me if I stop at the neck..I like mine to appear "full"

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I got that information at http://www.igiwax.com/downloads/pis/6006.pdf under "product description" and "benifits".

I'm sure I'll never achieve optimal conditions though at my place. :laugh2:

From that site -

"IGI 6006a is available in 50 lb. (27.2kg) cartons (slabs) or in bulk liquid (tank truck or railcar)"

Wonder how may candles you could get out of a railcar? LOL

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